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English translation for "一一对应的关系"

one-to-one correspondence

Related Translations:
一一对应:  one to one correspondence  detail>>
:  4次方是 The fourth power of 2 i ...  detail>>
关系:  relation; filiation; relatio ...  detail>>
一一映射:  injective function; one to one mapping...  detail>>
三九一一:  phorate; rampart  detail>>
一一告别:  say good bye to everyone  detail>>
一一就座:  seat themselves one after another  detail>>
一一申辩:  justify oneself point by point  detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.And you will find a one - to - one match
2.Therefore , there is a one - to - one relationship between the vehicle and engine classes
3.There is almost a one - to - one correlation between a successful project and the amount of load testing done on the portal project
4.The natural mode of vibration of structures can be expressed in the form of the curvature model . and it is connected correspondingly to strain
5.On the side of operation , tm requires users to bundle up their cell phone numbers with tencent im system to log in and use it for free
使用上, tm需要用户首先将手机与腾讯im系统建立一一对应的关系后,方可登陆并免费使用。
6.These common costs have inseparable characteristic , namely we can not identify which load ( unit ) should be responsible for which part of common costs
7.The proportional valve " natural work depends on the accurate setting of the ratio amplifier . so the work parameter must be set before the running of the valve
8.The principle of this method is that we can regard the time stratum unit as three - dimension sedimentary body , when the stratum formed in a certain geological epoch , there was a definite proportion relationship between the thickness of the stratum and the thickness of the time stratum unit
9.Then , the fundamental principles on log - domain integrator , the influences of relevant non - ideal factors and the ways of compensation are discussed in detai1 , simultaneously , pspice s imulation results are presented , the results are in accord with theoretical analysis . base on above discussions , the state - space synthesis method of log - domain filter is introduced in length , it is showed that the method has a advantage , i
10.The main characters of the design are summarized as follow : 1 . each mmdb module is mapped with a data buffer which is used to track the unsynchronized record . when system uploads the data to the mmdb , our system will adopt the round - robin fashion to distribute the data to each module , thus could effectively reduce the load of the foreground system
针对上述难点采用以下方式对系统进行了优化,有效的保证系统的实时性和可靠性: 1 .数据上载时采用失步缓冲区和内存库一一对应的关系,对每个内存数据库数据定时循环上载,减少对单个数据库的负荷,有效的控制上载流量和速度,防止在上载数据过程中系统负荷过大影响业务操作。
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