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English translation for "一一映射"

injective function
one to one mapping
one-to-one mapping

Related Translations:
一一:  each; separately; each one; ...  detail>>
映射:  shine upon; cast light upon; ...  detail>>
三九一一:  phorate; rampart  detail>>
一一告别:  say good bye to everyone  detail>>
一一就座:  seat themselves one after another  detail>>
一一申辩:  justify oneself point by point  detail>>
一一关系:  one to one relation  detail>>
一一进入:  file in to  detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.A hysteresis factor wasproposed to transform the multi - valued mapping of hysteresis into a one - to - one mapping which enabled neural networks to approximate the behavior of hysteresis
2.Although there is a one - to - one mapping between control and adapter , it is not necessary to write a separate control adapter class for every control device combination
3.Using textures , one aspect can display the surface detail , and improve the graphic really ; the other can simply the process of constructing the model . in the thesis , subdivision algorithm for texture mapping is applied by dividing object and texture pattern into triangles and polygons
4.The thesis elaborately discusses the way of thinking , the trait of function and the interface design . several normal one - side and two - side tables are abstracted by analyzing the craft card elements and establishing process planning model and craft card information model . thus the craft card template database is established
本论文详细阐述了工艺卡片定制模块和特殊字符处理模块的设计思路、功能特点、界面设计,通过对工艺卡片元素的分析,建立工艺规程模型和工艺文件信息模型,将工艺卡片抽象为几个普通的一维表和二维表,从而建立工艺卡片模板数据库,通过使用odbc ,将工艺卡片模板中的工艺信息与工艺卡片模板表中的字段建立一一映射关系,实现工艺卡片的定制。
5.In similarity measurements mentioned above , the paper analyses the drawback of bin - by - bin - form distance and cross - bin - form distance . the best - weight distance is presented which matches human vision as well as possible . also , the principle of the distance is based on transport problem
6.Adopting the globe pole mapping method of space analytic geometry , forming a topological mapping model from the high dimensionality vector to the low one , and then realizing a corresponding mapping from the rectangular matrix high dimensionality space text set to the low dimensionality space text set , finally , composing the corresponding arithmetics , accordingly solving the problem of nonlinear dimensionality reduction for text mining effectively , and overcoming some drawbacks in the former researches
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