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English translation for "关系"

[ guānxì, guānxi ] 
1.(相互关系) relation; filiation; relationship; relevance; regard; ratio; tie: 外交关系 diplomatic relations; 血缘关系 blood relationship; 关系紧张[疏远] relations become strained [estranged]; 中断关系 suspend relations with; 断绝关系 break off [sever] relations with; 恢复关系 resume relation with
2.(有影响或重要性) bearing; impact; significance: 关系重大 count for much; 这个问题关系到一个更重要的问题。 this question has a bearing on a much more important one.
3.(泛指原因条件): 由于时间关系, 就谈到这里吧。 since time is limited, i'll have to stop here.
4.(关联, 牵涉) concern; affect; have a bearing on; have to do with: 农业关系国计民生极大。 agriculture is of vital importance to the nation's economy and the people's livelihood.
5.(组织关系) credentials showing membership in or connection with an organization: 他的组织关系已经带来了。 he has brought his membership credentials with him. 党员调动工作时, 要转党的关系。 when a party member is transferred to another place of work, his party credentials are sent there.
◇关系表达式 relational expression; 关系词 relative; 关系从句 relative clause; 关系代词 relative pronoun; 关系代数 relational algebra; algebra of relations; 关系副词 relative adverb; 关系符号 relational symbol; relation character; 关系概念 [逻辑学] relation concept; 关系后项 [逻辑学] postrior term of relation; 关系量项 relative quantitative term; 关系论 relationism; 关系逻辑 logic of relations; 关系判断 relation judgment; 关系破裂 fraction; 关系前项 anterior term of relation; 关系人 [法] party; 关系条件 relation condition; 关系推理 relation inference; 关系协调 harmonious relations

Related Translations:
关系关系式:  relation  detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.Do you mean that it's none of my business ?
2.He has a deep stake in the business .
3.They had a perfect working relationship。
4.The trust is separated from the company .
5.He married into the french aristocracy .
6.His failing had little to do with me .
7.They have been carrying on for years .
8.We shall not go into this relationship .
9.The relations between the two countries are strained .
10.We are bound to many nations by alliances .
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