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English translation for "告别"

[ gàobié ] 
1.(离别; 分手) leave; part from [with]: 向亲友告别 take leave of one's relatives and friends; 告别了父母, 告别了家乡 take leave of one's parents and hometown
2.(辞行) bid farewell to; say good-bye to: 与 ...互相告别 exchange farewells with ...; 情意绵绵地向妻子告别 bid one's wife a fond farewell; 向朋友告别 say good-bye to one's friend; 挥手告别 wave farewell; 向遗体告别 pay one's last respects to the deceased
◇告别场面 swan song; 告别词 farewell speech; valediction; 告别酒 stirrup cup; 告别宴会 farewell banquet; 告别仪式 farewell ceremony

Related Translations:
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告别演说:  farewell address; farewell speech; val...  detail>>
点头告别:  nod one's farewells  detail>>
告别十一月:  november is gone  detail>>
告别讲话:  baccalaureate  detail>>
告别好莱坞:  say goodbye to hollywood  detail>>
还是告别:  is it good-bye  detail>>
向告别:  say good-bye to sb  detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.He went to mr. perkins to bid him good-bye .
2.It was a formal handshake, a farewell .
3.She held out a hand, said goodbye and departed .
4.I'll say good-by and walk off casual-like .
5.All the guests ran outside and waved goodbye .
6.My emotion were mixed as i said good-by to him .
7.Their farewell was a long one .
8.They had stood parting in the silent highway .
9.I had already issued a written farewell to the troops .
10.His leave-taking was brief .
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