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English translation for "干井"

dry well

Related Translations:
:  trunk; main part  detail>>
:  well  detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.The closed - loop - cooled dry - pit submersible motor design utilizes a patented cooling self - contained cooling system
2.After installation , a field test shall be performed by the installer on each completed dry - pit submersible pump system
3.People want to fill it , but nobody can do it well . now theres still a hole in the yard of huairou machine factory
4.Patented closed - loop - cooled ( " clc " ) motor for dry - pit units ( series 9235 ) for continuous operation in non - submerged or flooded conditions
拥有专利保护的“密封环冷却” ( clc )技术的电机,配置在干井装置( 9235系列)上,在无潜水状态或洪涝状态下仍然能够持续运转。
5.The low speed shaft features a “ no - leak ” drywell design that physically separates the oil sump from the output shaft to eliminate gear oil contamination of the tank product
低速轴的特点是: “无泄漏”的干井式设计,油箱与主轴分离,消除了齿轮油污染槽体内介质的机会。
6.Now the sons of israel set out from beeroth bene - jaakan to moserah . there aaron died and there he was buried and eleazar his son ministered as priest in his place
申10 : 6 (以色列人从比罗比尼亚干或作亚干井起行、到了摩西拉。亚伦死在那里、就葬在那里他儿子以利亚撒、接续他供祭司的职分。
7.The pump manufacturer shall be responsible for furnishing and coordinating the dry - pit submersible pumps and controls to ensure compatibility of the equipment to perform the specified requirements of the pumping system
8.For applications that require continuous non - submerged operation , such as dry - pit submersible installations , it is recommended that the design engineer specify the motor type best suited for the intended service
9.The dry pit submersible pumping units specified shall be the products of reputable manufacturers who have been regularly engaged in the design , manufacture and furnishing of submersible pumping equipment for at least ten ( 10 ) years
这里指定的干井潜水泵装置应该由著名的、专注于设计、制造和配置潜水泵设备至少十( 10 )年以上的制造商生产制造。
10.The map shows the similarity between each location in the study area and the location chosen at oil & gas well or dry well , thus it can predict both favorable and poor sectors of oil & gas bearing
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