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English translation for ""

[ zhào ] 
1.(照射) illuminate; light up; shine: 用探照灯照射敌机 illuminate the enemy plane with searchlights; 把手电筒往这儿照一照。 shine your flashlight over here. 火光照亮了天空。 the glare from the fire lit up the sky.
2.(反映) reflect; mirror: 映照 cast light upon; 照镜子 look at oneself in the mirror; 照影子 cast a shade or reflection; 湖面如镜, 把岸上的树木照得清清楚楚。 the water of the lake mirrored all the trees on the bank.
3.(拍摄) take a picture [photograph]; film; shoot; photograph: 我照相老是照不好。 i always photograph badly. 他照得好。 he films well.
4.(照料) look after; take care of; care for: 关照 look after; keep an eye on; attend to
5.(通知) notify; inform: 查照 note; 知照 notify; inform; be informed; 台照 for your perusal
6.(比照) contrast: 对照 contrast; check against
7.(知晓; 明白) know of [about]; understand; comprehend: 心照不宣 have a tacit understanding
1.(相片) photograph; picture; portrait: 拍照 take a photograph; 剧照 stage photo; still; 玉照 your portrait
2.(执照; 凭证) certificate; license; permit: 护照 passport; 无照行车 drive without a license
3.(光亮) illumination; glow: 夕照 glow of sunset
1.(对着; 向着) in the direction of; to; towards: 照直走 go straight ahead; 照南开 drive towards south; 照这个方向走。 go in this direction.
2.(依照; 按照) according to; in accordance with; in; by: 照事实讲 speak out according to the facts; 照条约第三条办理 proceed by article 3 of the treaty; 照我看 it seems to me...; in my opinion

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Example Sentences:
1.Jimmy's star of fortune had begun to shine brightly .
2.I would order a lateral skull film .
3.He was judging by previous dinners .
4.I shall never get to twenty at that rate !
5.We both obeyed him to the letter .
6.Marullo let me have things wholesale .
7.He was snapped falling off his horse .
8.He 's quite willing to pay the price i ask .
9.The tropical sun glared on the body .
10.How many pictures remained on the camera film ?
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