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English translation for ""

[ xíng; háng; xìng; hàng ] 

1.(行列) line; row: 排成两行 fall into two lines; 杨柳成行 lined with rows of willows; 站成一行 stand in a row; 湖畔树木成行。 the side of the lake was lined by trees.
2.(排行) seniority among brothers and sisters:你行几? - - 我行三。where do you come among your brothers and sisters? - - i'm the third.
3.(行业) trade; profession; line of business: 懂行 know the business [ropes]; 改行 change one's profession; 干一行爱一行 love whatever job one takes up; 各行各业 all trades and professions; different walks of life; 他干哪一行 ? what's his line? 我对此不大在行。 that's not much in my line.
4.(某些营业机构) business firm: 拍卖行 auctioneer's; 商行 trading company; commercial firm; 银行 bank
(用于成行的东西): 一行树 a row of trees; 一首六行诗 a poem of six lines; 在第12页第6 行 in the sixth line of the twelfth page
Example Sentences:
1.Will you do it for me as a personal favor ?
2.I 'll be happy with any job i 'm assigned to do .
3.Old mrs. blenkinsop dropped a curtsey .
4.She read a few lines and dropped the volume .
5.Anything grows in this fertile ground .
6.My intentions are only not to be poor .
7.When one is about to act, one must reason first .
8.A word in earnest is as good as a speech .
9.Would you please knock me up at 7 o'clock ?
10.Can you give me a lift if you are mobile ?
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