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English translation for "表示抽象"

age=thing done
doing sth

Related Translations:
表示:  0  detail>>
抽象:  abstract  detail>>
调用抽象方法:  error 211 call to abstract method  detail>>
表示依据:  even according to  detail>>
群表示:  group representation; representation o...  detail>>
表示不愿:  reluctate  detail>>
表示怀疑:  call in question; question  detail>>
表示灯:  indication lamp  detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.Represents the abstract base class from which all implementations of code groups must derive
2.What you eat and how much you exercise are two important factors in weight loss program
3.Represents the abstract base class from which all classes that derive byte sequences of a specified length inherit
4.If your class represents a value of an abstract type , such as a numeric type or a color , you will want to implement the
5.Based on lakoff & johnson ' s conceptual metaphor and mapping theory , this paper attempts to investigate the metaphorical meanings of " zhuozhu ( catch ) " both in english and chinese to discuss the important role that metaphor plays in the meaning expanding and language expressions
6.Based on wfomm , the domain engineering , design pattern and uml imported , the thesis puts forward a reusing - based cims integrated modeling scheme . it resolves the reusing problem among the whole process from requirements to design , till coding . the thinking of domain engineering is used all through the thesis so that the commonness and varieties of the different enterprises are modeled in the same domain , consequently completes three phases , inductive and iterative model analysis , model design and model realization , while saving the reusable resources for the same domain
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