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Chinese translation for "a fond"

〔法语〕完全,彻底。supporting their party's principles a fond 完全支持他们的党的原则。

Related Translations:
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Example Sentences:
1.This, of course, is a fond delusion .
2.Today that ritual is just a fond memory .
3.So bid me a fond farewell we both had our fun
4.Upon his death , the chinese gave him a fond farewell
5.A fond mother may spoil her child
6.A fond mother may spoil her child
7.My career in elementary education in canada is now just a fond memory
8.A fond embrace
9.As a person , touch someone ' s life and become a fond memory for a special person
10.Having a fragrant coffee , smoking a havana cigar and reading a fond magazine will make you feel relaxed and full of vigor
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