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Chinese translation for "a posteriori"

Example Sentences:
1.The a posteriori plan was thought out after he learned how to play the game
2.Maximum a posteriori restoration with markov constraint for three - dimensional optical - sectioning microscopy
3.A posteriori , what could you have done differently to improve your performance in this simulation
4.Residual a posteriori error estimate two - grid methods for the steady navier - stokes equation with stream function form
5.A posteriori error estimation based on stress super - convergence recovery technique for generalized eigenvalue problems
6.The efficiency of this algorithm can be recognized from the experimental results which are attached at the end of this thesis . this thesis ends with the study of the maximum a posteriori ( map ) method with
7.6 . the basic principle of turbo equalization is discussed and the siso equalization algorithms based on a posteriori probability and interference cancellation are derived . at last , the simulation results are provided
6 .论述了turbo均衡的基本原理,推导了基于后验概率和干扰消除的5150均衡算法,给出了性能仿真结果。
8.3 ) we try to import the bayesian adaptation , which is widely used in speech recognition , into speaker verification . we use bayesian maximum a posteriori estimation training a speaker model from background model , to solve the problem of model miss matching in speaker verification system
3 )为了解决说话人确认中存在的模型不匹配问题,尝试将语音识别中的贝叶斯自适应算法引入到基于高斯混合统一背景模型的说话人确认系统。
9.The main contributions are as follows : ( 1 ) de ( differential evolution ) algorithm is proposed to invert the ocean acoustic parameters in shallow water in order to get faster and more accurate results than ga ( genetic algorithm ) and sa ( simulated annealing algorithm ) . also a posteriori probability analysis method is applied to evaluate the uncertainty of inversion results . ( 2 ) maximum likelihood objective functions for broadband mfi are derived according to different conditions
( 2 )根据不同的前提条件,采用似然比的方法推导了宽带匹配场反演的最大似然目标函数;深入地研究了宽带匹配场处理中的相干与非相干问题;在分析参数反演的敏感性之后,提出了浅海环境参数宽带匹配场反演的多步优化策略,并与全参数反演方法进行了性能上的仿真比较。
10.And then facing the problem of the channel estimation of the adaptive modulation system , we conclude out the channel estimation algorithms on maximum likelihood ( ml ) estimation and maximum a posteriori ( map ) estimation under the condition of flat fading channel and selective fading channel in detail . to meet flat fading channel , we simulate the relationship of the ratio between the error covariance in map estimation and ml estimation and pilot symbol message length . the conclusion can be drawn from these results
接着,对自适应调制系统中的信道估计问题难点,详细推导了平衰落信道条件下和选择性衰落信道条件下最大似然( ml )估计和最大后验概率( map )估计算法,针对平衰落信道,我们仿真了map估计和ml估计的方差与导频符号长度的关系,仿真结果表明,错误方差受多谱勒频率的变化影响最大,并且对实际的自适应调制系统,导频符号长度的取值超过20个符号长度时, map信道估计明显优于ml信道估计。
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