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Chinese translation for "a tempo"

〔意大利语〕 【音乐】照原速。

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Example Sentences:
1.I play so with the idea to win a tempo ( pawn , piece , etc . )
我这样走的想法是要赢一步棋(兵,子) 。
2.Quakerlyster a tempo . but he that filches from me my good name . . . stephen stringendo
3.We found it difficult to get back the serie a tempo after international duty and must learn from that
我们要学会在国际比赛后马上适应意甲联赛的步子。 ”
4.He is the player who invents his own idiom , plays in a manner and at a tempo that is entirely his own
5.The class will be conducted with at a tempo faster than that of a basic flow class , aiming to promote cardio - respiratory endurance
6.Remember , finding a tempo and groove for your state of mind is important - - it ' s one of the biggest factors of expression
记住,找到速度和模子来配合你的思想状态是很重要的? ?它是表现的最大因素之一。
7.Act iv , scene vii of lear , if had a tempo marking as in music , would be an adagio , but it is still one of the most profoundly moving scenes in world literature
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