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Chinese translation for "aam"

AAM = air-to-air missile 空对空导弹。
Example Sentences:
1.Augmented addressed morpheme model aam model
2.Study on the key techniques of the imaging infrared guidance for aam
3.Simulation for target image - point scanning of ir aam seeker
4.Support vector aam based iterative learning algorithm for gender classification
5.Aam anti - apartheid movement the
6.The seeker now weighs just 8 kg and has been designed to replace the ir seeker on a conventional short - range aam
7.- similar to asm , active appearance models ( aam ) is also composed of two parts : the aam subspace model and the aam search
8.For quick truning to target of air - to - air missile ( aam ) for short range dogfight in large off - boresight it is necessary to study the agile turn control law
9.Experimental results demonstrate that our method can find the optimal aam subspace model rapidly and improve the performance of aam significantly
10.Based on the analysis of the theory and capability of asm & aam , a new method is put forward by combination of local texture model and global texture model
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