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Chinese translation for "ablution"

2.〔主 pl.〕 【宗教】斋戒沐浴,洗礼。
4.〔pl.〕〔英国〕 〔用作复数〕兵营内的洗浴设备;〔用作单数〕 有洗浴设备的房间[建筑]。
Example Sentences:
1.He performed his ablution before the ritual .
2.In the picture the ablution is completed , and the person who has performed it is ready to start to start his prayer
3.Moremi has four major camping sites , which are fairly developed with basic facilities like ablution blocks , picnic tables and standpipes
4.Products put on the market , has attracted much attention and recognition as lead muzu , sauna , ablution and other recreational products industry trends
5.The believer is to pray in a prescribed manner after purification through ritual ablutions each day at dawn , midday , midafternoon , sunset , and nightfall
6.Elephants were bathing in the waters of the sacred river , and groups of indians , despite the advanced season and chilly air , were performing solemnly their pious ablutions
7.Camping facilities which exists in the chobe national park includes : serondela , a developed site with ablution facilities ; linyati , partially developed ; savuti a temporary camping ground and noghatsaa yet to be developed
8.Western - style food , dim sum , beverages , accommodation , ablution , foot care , chess , ping - pong , billiards , bodybuilding , darts entertainment services . ( the above operating permits covering operating with permits to operate )
中、西餐,点心,饮料,住宿,沐浴,足部保健,棋牌,乒乓,台球,健身,飞镖娱乐服务。 (以上经营范围涉及许可经营的凭许可证经营) 。
9.When knowledge encounters wealth ' s ablution , when life encounters option ' s moment , when architecture receives regression hour of chinese study , whether we ought to bring to rest busy footstep , and left over a piece of choosy marking for future happy life
10.Mr . darcy may perhaps have heard of such a place as gracechurch street , but he would hardly think a month s ablution enough to cleanse him from its impurities , were he once to enter it ; and depend upon it , mr . bingley never stirs without him .
达西先生也许听到过天恩寺街这样一个地方,可是,如果他当真到那儿去一次,他会觉得花上一个月的工夫也洗不净他身上所染来的污垢请你放心好了,他绝不会让彬格莱先生单独行动。 ”
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