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Chinese translation for "above knee"


Related Translations:
above:  adv. 1.在上面;在头上;【宗教】在天上。 in t ...  detail>>
knee:  n. 1.膝,膝盖,膝头,膝关节。 2.(长裤、长袜等的 ...  detail>>
above ground:  地面的; 地面上的; 地面以上; 地上的; 高于地; 在世; 正统的  detail>>
above threshold:  超临限值  detail>>
above suspect:  无可怀疑的对象  detail>>
above stuffing:  上填料  detail>>
above norm:  超标准的; 高出平价; 限额以上的  detail>>
rise above:  不受…的影响; 为……的原因  detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.Before you guys associate hanfu with scholars , soldiers wore their armor above their clothes , which is just a modified han fu albeit with the robes cut at above knee length
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