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Chinese translation for "above threshold"


Related Translations:
above:  adv. 1.在上面;在头上;【宗教】在天上。 in t ...  detail>>
threshold:  n. 1.门槛;入口,门口。 2.【心理学】阈限。 3. ...  detail>>
above knee:  过膝; 膝盖以上,膝上  detail>>
above ground:  地面的; 地面上的; 地面以上; 地上的; 高于地; 在世; 正统的  detail>>
above suspect:  无可怀疑的对象  detail>>
above stuffing:  上填料  detail>>
above norm:  超标准的; 高出平价; 限额以上的  detail>>
rise above:  不受…的影响; 为……的原因  detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.With the intensity of laser increased a series of new phenomena appears , for example , multiple photon lonization ( mpi ) , above threshold lonization ( ati ) , tunnel lonization ( tl ) , stable lonization ( si ) and so on
2.Taxpayers with an annual turnover that exceeds the above thresholds are considered as general taxpayers and should register and obtain approval from the tax authorities for this classification
3.So they can be used for spectroscopy , coherent communication and quantum optical studies . they also can produce various kinds of nonclassical states of light generation of squeezed vacuum below threshold , of strongly intensity - correlated twin beam above threshold and quadrature squeezing of the pump wave above threshold
4.We presents a detailed studied of the linewidth of parametric light in clbo - opo caused by the linewidth of pumping beam , off axis phase matching , divergence angle of pumping , time above threshold , high gain coefficient of nlo crystal , fluctuate of cavitylength , spontaneous radiation , according to the momentum and energy conversion laws , and the sellmeier equations of the clbo , we calculated curves of the type - i and type - ii compared with the bbo ' s
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