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Chinese translation for "acid absorbing"


Related Translations:
acid:  adj. 1.酸味的。 2.【化学】酸的,酸性的。 3. ...  detail>>
absorbing:  adj. 1.吸收的。 2.非常有趣的,引人入胜的。 短 ...  detail>>
absorbing rod:  承受(力和震动等)棒; 承受棒; 承受力和震动等的棒; 吸收棒  detail>>
absorb heat:  吸热  detail>>
absorbing paint:  吸声涂料  detail>>
absorbing silencer:  吸收消声器  detail>>
absorb currency:  吸收货币  detail>>
absorbing wall:  吸收墙; 吸音壁  detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.Analysis of semen cassiae amino acids absorbed into serum
2.Protein is synthesized in the liver from amino acids absorbed from the intestines . excessive amino acids will be converted into urea and excreted form the body
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