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Chinese translation for "below average"


Related Translations:
below:  adv. 1.在下面,向下;在下方。 2.在地上,在下界 ...  detail>>
average:  n. 1.平均,平均数。 2.一般水平,平均标准。 3. ...  detail>>
below grade:  不合格的; 等外棉; 地面以下的  detail>>
below norm:  限额以下的  detail>>
below cost:  低于成本价  detail>>
below day:  在地面下  detail>>
bounded below:  有下界的;下有界的; 有下限的  detail>>
described below:  详情如下  detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.These marks are well above / below average
2.It ' s obvious that the products are below average quality
3.In 1988 he was given an iq rating of 87 , well below average
1988年他测出制商为87 ,远低于平均标准。
4.Crop likely below average will suggest renew purchase contract same price
5.For those who are below average in looks , are introverted and beta - passive the numbers are probably staggering
6." my arm as an outfielder was very below average , " damon said , laughing . " now , as a first baseman , it ' s just below average .
7.Having always been below average in height , my son proved to be a ( late bloomer ) , growing 6 inches during his first year in college
8.At one school , pupils of below average reading ability used software to create their own book , which was then presented to the rest of the class
9.In 1988 he was given an iq rating of 87 , well below average . yet some of his subscores were in the genius bracket , while others plunged into the mentally retarded range
10.And in london , alcohol and tobacco were 61 per cent more expensive than the eurozone average while household non durable goods were priced 14 per cent below average
在伦敦,烈性酒和烟草比欧元区平均水平贵61 % ,而家庭非耐用品价格要比平均价格低14 % 。
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