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Chinese translation for "brine shrimp"


Related Translations:
brine:  n. 1.卤水;咸水,盐水;【化学】盐溶液。 2.海水; ...  detail>>
shrimp:  n. (pl. shrimps, 〔集合词〕shrimp ...  detail>>
brine pan:  1.盐田。 2.熬盐锅。   detail>>
brine pit:  盐井。   detail>>
seed shrimp:  【动物;动物学】=ostracod.   detail>>
fairy shrimp:  【动物;动物学】无甲目 (Anostraca) 动物;丰年虫。   detail>>
opossum shrimp:  【动物;动物学】糠虾。   detail>>
shrimp plant:  【植物;植物学】麒麟吐珠。   detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.Method of inspection of brine shrimp eggs forimport and export
2.Brine shrimp flakes
3.Standard practice for using brine shrimp nauplii as food for test animals in aquatic toxicology
4.From the p1 to p5 phases of this stage , the brine shrimp s larvae and zooplankton such as copepoda should be used as feed
5.The hatching enzyme from brine shrimp , artemia shrimp , is a pivotal protease which help the encysted embryo escape from its hatching membrane when hatching
卤虫孵化酶( he )是由卤虫早期胚胎特异性分泌的、在孵化过程中起关键作用的一种蛋白酶。
6.Feed , fish meal , plant protein powder , fish oil , brine shrimp , biology binzhou huachang biological feed co . , ltd was founded in 1992 , the registered capital of 900 , 000 yuan
7.Brine shrimp artemia , a source of food to be used in the initial feeding of the young fin fish and crustaceans , is uniquely responsible for the growth of aquaculture
8.The he was strongly inhibited by sbti and apmsf , and very sensitive to pmsf , lbti , and tlck , while not sensitive to chymostatin , bestatin , leupeptin , tpck , pepstatin , nem and iam . all these results imply that brine shrimp he was most probably a trypsin - type serine protease . the he could be strongly inhibited by edta in a dose - dependent manner , and 50 mmol / l edta exhibited more than 56 . 5 % inhibition
对孵化酶纯化样品进行生化性质和酶性质分析发现,卤虫孵化酶的最适反应温度约为40 ,最适ph为8 . 5左右;该孵化酶对p - apmsf 、 sbti极为敏感,对pmsf 、 lbti和tlck也非常敏感,但对chymostatin 、 leupeptin 、 pepstatin 、 bestatin 、 tpck 、 nem和iam不敏感,表明该酶极可能是一种属于胰蛋白酶类型的丝氨酸蛋白酶。
9.The distribution of the brine shrimp hgcs varies greatly from the species studied till now . one hour after hatching , neither the dorsal - anterior area nor the other dorsal area remained positive immunoreactivity signal . and 2 hours after hatching , there was no typical hgcs in the body of the brine shrimp and the remained hatching enzymes may participate in digesting the left vitellin in the nauplius
卤虫hgc最初出现至孵化前1h时均为全身性分布,从孵出到孵出后2h ,头卤虫孵化酶的生物化学性质及孵化腺细胞的免疫组织化学研究部的孵化酶颗粒已经减少,而变为非全身性分布,到孵出后sh ,孵化酶颗粒已基本消失殆尽。
10.After molting three times , the zoea enter the mysis stage during which they begin to look more like adult shrimp and swim in a characteristic fashion with head and tail pointed downwards at right angles and occasionally performing a sudden retrograde jumping action . this is known as the inversion state , the fry being suspended upside - down in the upper middle region of the pond water . this is , therefore , also called the " inverted suspension phase "
眼幼虫脱第三次即进入糠虾期幼虫期mysis stage ,此期之体形已略成虾之状态,且具特有之游泳姿态,即头部及尾部均向下,成一直角弯曲而时作向后跳跃游动,又因成倒立状态,悬浮于水中的中上层,又叫倒吊期,此期幼虫对外界的环境因素,如水温盐分等变化,比前两期来得更具适应力,主要饵料为丰年虾brine shrimp的幼虫,但其他大小略同的动物性浮游生物,如桡脚类copepoda轮虫类rotifera均可。
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