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Chinese translation for "capriccio"

(pl. capriccios)〔意大利语〕

Related Translations:
a capriccio:  〔意大利语〕【音乐】随想曲。   detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.Towards the despair of rhapsody , capriccio
绝望狂想曲迫来空岛消灭! !
2.Tchaikovsky : symphony no . 4 capriccio italien march slave
3.Happy life and quiescent death : capriccio of taiwan tour
4.Is this for capriccio ? - yah
-这是咖啡机吗? -是
5.- is this for capriccio ? - yah
-这是咖啡机吗? -是
6.Fight a fire should be each man ' s natural duty of fire fight member , it happened that is such a , you say saving a person saves a person , work medium return it happened that want to ascend so several recruit capriccio , as for actual result , the everyone is still from the son see
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