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Chinese translation for "captain and crew"


Related Translations:
captain:  n. 1.首领;领队者,指挥者;魁首,头子。 2.船长, ...  detail>>
and:  短语和例子 dance and delight = de ...  detail>>
crew:  crew2 【军事】 crow 的过去式。   detail>>
captain beefheart:  牛心上尉; 牛心上校  detail>>
captain kidd:  海盗的同义语; 基德船长  detail>>
channel captain:  渠道领袖; 商品流通渠道中的巨头  detail>>
gun captain:  (海军中的)炮长。   detail>>
captain tokyo:  东京队长  detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.It was a dangerous ocean crossing in wartime , but captain and crew braved it out
2.If captain and crew had had a ton of food with milk , they could have held out indefinitely
3.Only stiff penalities will deter the participation of captains and crew members from taiwan in this new slave trade
4.The crime of the century begins without a hitch on july 5th , 2070 , as it ' s about to be launched , the starship alabama is hijacked - by her captain and crew
5.Hester prynne - whose vocation , as a self - enlisted sister of charity , had brought her acquainted with the captain and crew - could take upon herself to secure the passage of two individuals and a child , with all the secrecy which circumstances rendered more than desirable
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