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Chinese translation for "captain kidd"


Related Translations:
captain:  n. 1.首领;领队者,指挥者;魁首,头子。 2.船长, ...  detail>>
kidd:  n. 基德〔姓氏〕。   detail>>
kidd血型抗体:  blood group antibody kidd  detail>>
captain beefheart:  牛心上尉; 牛心上校  detail>>
channel captain:  渠道领袖; 商品流通渠道中的巨头  detail>>
gun captain:  (海军中的)炮长。   detail>>
captain tokyo:  东京队长  detail>>
bell captain:  旅馆服务员领班。   detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.I ll tell you one thing , says i : i m not going back to captain kidd s anchorage
“我可以告诉你一件事, ”我说, “我不准备回到凯特船长锚地去。
2.I remembered that the most easterly of the rivers which drain into captain kidd s anchorage ran from the two - peaked hill upon my left ; and i bent my course in that direction that i might pass the stream while it was small
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