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Chinese translation for "culture period"


Related Translations:
culture:  n. 1.教养;修养;磨炼。 2.文化,(精神)文明。 ...  detail>>
period:  n. 1. 时代;期;时期;期间;阶段。 2.〔the ...  detail>>
gnotobiotic culture:  定菌动物的培养; 限菌培养  detail>>
cloned culture:  克隆培养物  detail>>
shrimp culture:  虾养殖  detail>>
pure culture:  纯(菌)种, 菌种, 纯种培养; 纯粹培养法; 纯化培养; 纯净培养; 纯培...  detail>>
air culture:  气培  detail>>
general culture:  一般陶冶  detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.The shrimps ' consumption of oxygen was the most important factor at the final culture period in industrial culture , however , the oxygen consumption of sediment was the most significant factor at the final culture in soiled pond culture
2.The results showed that the concentrations of organic matter increased in the high - intensity culture during the culture period while the dissolves carbohydrate level decreased , and maintained low level
3.Throughout the culture period , most cells within the colonies continued to be alkaline phosphata se positive and specific stage embryonic antigen ( ssea - 1 ) positive which has been used routinely to characterize embryonic stem and pgcs cells
经过4 7天培养, pgcs形成典型的鸟巢状集落。集落在传代过程中保持碱性磷酸酶活性,胚胎阶段性特异抗原1 ( ssea - 1 )免疫荧光染色显示阳性。
4.Abstract : adopting the serum - free and animal - source - free medium domestication express cell efficiently , setting up to express system efficiently , suspending culture cell , can raise the cell density in the scale turn the production , strengthen the cell vitality , control cell to propagate level , extension cell culture period , increase the target protein of yield , raise product quality , simplification of produces technics , reduce production cost , then raising the efficiency that the scale turns culture
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