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Chinese translation for "donkey kong"


Related Translations:
donkey:  n. 1.驴子。 2.傻瓜;蠢驴;顽固的人。 3.〔美俚 ...  detail>>
donkey donkey:  毛驴之歌; 小驴,小驴; 小毛驴  detail>>
monkey donkey:  猴子大金刚  detail>>
spool donkey:  卷轴式牵引机  detail>>
donkey foal:  一岁内幼驴  detail>>
donkey pump:  辅助泵。   detail>>
donkey man:  辐机操作工; 辅锅炉操作员; 辅机操作员; 辅助操作工  detail>>
donkey jacket:  女式防风厚上衣。   detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.It ' s on like donkey kong , bi - i - itch
2.It ' s on iike donkey kong
3.It ' s on iike donkey kong
4.Wheel - o . - donkey kong
5.The primitive pixelated ape of donkey kong has evolved into a three - dimensional king kong of startling detail
6.If the pixelated characters in donkey kong seem too jagged , you can pop up a menu and choose an option that smooths the pixels to look almost like a hand - drawn cartoon
7.Mario hoops 3 on 3 in the united states , this unique sports game features mario , luigi , princess peach , bowser , wario , yoshi , donkey kong , and so many more of your favorite characters as they try to outdribble , outshoot , and outscore each other
Mario bastket 3 on 3乃是一款以篮球比赛为主题游戏,玩家可以操纵玛利奥系列的角色,进行刺激的3对3篮球比赛。
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