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Chinese translation for "dress suit"


Related Translations:
dress:  vt. (dressed, 〔古语〕 drest; dr ...  detail>>
suit:  n. 1.申诉,起诉,诉讼;控告;讼案。 2.请求,恳求 ...  detail>>
sailor suit:  男童的水手装。   detail>>
night suit:  睡衣。   detail>>
dressing:   n. 1.穿衣;衣服,服装;打扮,装束;装饰,修饰。 2.(铸件等的)修...  detail>>
court dress:  朝服,大礼服。   detail>>
dress goods:  (妇女、儿童用的)衣料。   detail>>
dressing table:  化妆台,镜架台。   detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.The color of her dress suits her very well
2.This dress suits you very much , but unfortunately it doesn ' t fit you
3.Night he ran round to us to borrow a dress suit for that concert
4.The supplier should have all professional stitching and pressing equipment to make dressed suits
5.Standard performance specification for mens and boys woven dress suit fabrics and woven sportswear jacket , slack , and trouser fabrics
6.Standard performance specification for mens and boys knitted dress suit fabrics and knitted sportswear jacket , slack , and trouser fabrics
7.Pierre : perhaps one day i ' ll get a new dress suit . you know , i ' ve had mine since i got my doctor ' s degree . looks bad on me , doesn ' t it
8.If the cocktail dresses suits oneself , regardless of is reveals the muscle , the brilliant color , lofty perhaps has the decoration , all has not related
9.She made the average feminine distinction between clothes , putting worth , goodness , and distinction in a dress suit , and leaving all the unlovely qualities and those beneath notice in overalls and jumper
10.As for m . de villefort , he fulfilled the predictions of h lo ? se to the letter , - donned his dress suit , drew on a pair of white gloves , ordered the servants to attend the carriage dressed in their full livery , and drove that same night to no . 30 in the avenue des champs - elys es
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