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Chinese translation for "elisa assay"


Related Translations:
assay:  n. 1.化验;分析;鉴定,测定,验定。 2.被分析物, ...  detail>>
elisa:  埃莉萨; 埃利萨; 爱丽莎的情人; 病原体抗体; 传染病系列; 肝纤维化系列...  detail>>
elisa lin:  林依霖  detail>>
elisa benini:  艾丽莎·贝尼尼  detail>>
间接elisa:  indirect elisa  detail>>
indirect elisa:  间接酶联免疫吸附测定,间接elisa  detail>>
chagas elisa:  格氏病  detail>>
blanchi elisa:  埃莉萨  detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.Sandwich elisa assay is a sensitive , specific and stable technique
巩乃a法检测可溶性比卜工灵敏、特异、稳定; 2
2.And further studied e rosettes experiment and lymphocyte proliferation brdu - elisa assay
并对初步筛选的e玫瑰花环实验和淋巴细胞增殖brdu - elisa实验进行了进一步筛选。
3.Finally , we ensure immunobiologic activity evaluation methods of gpif wre t cells from pigs thymus of e rosettes experiment and pha inducing lymphocyte proliferation brdu - elisa assay
最终确定gpif免疫生物活性评价方法为: t细胞来源于胸腺的e玫瑰花环实验和pha诱导的淋巴细胞增殖brdu - elisa实验。
4.5 . the mpcr - rflp assay was useful for its reliability in monitoring hbv ymdd mutants . melting curve assay and pcr microplate hybridization - elisa assay should be further improved to increase their sensitivity and specialty
5 . mpcr一rflp法检测ymdd突变株具有较好的可靠性和可行性,是监测拉米夫定耐药株的一种非常有效的方法;熔解曲线法和pcr微板核酸杂交法需要进一步完善以提高敏感性和特异性。
5.Western blot and elisa assays indicated that fmdv vp1 gene was expressed in tobacco chloroplasts and accounted for 2 % ~ 3 % of the total soluble protein ( about 20 - 30 ( ig of chloroplast - expressed vp1 protein in 1 mg of total soluble protein )
Westernblot和elisa免疫杂交分析证明fmdvvp1抗原蛋白在烟草叶绿体中得到表达,表达量占可溶性总蛋白量的2 3 ( 1mg可溶性总蛋白含有20 30 g的vp1蛋白) 。
6.[ methods ] consideration of free heparin , unlike polypeptides , adsorb poorly onto plastic surfaces . in order to study the interaction of heparin with ifn - y using elisa assay , heparin - bovine complex ( hbc ) was synthesized by conjugating heparin to bsa in the presence of sodium cyanoborohydride
结果凝胶过滤层析获得了高纯度的hbc ,通过hbc将肝素包被在酶标板上, ellsa实验表明, ifn一y主要与hbc中的肝素结合( p ( o , 01 ) 。
7.Methods : sandwich elisa assay was used , w6 / 32 mcab serving as solid phase antibody and 3 2m antibody as the first antibody . the second antibody - hrp conjugate was added for coloration . standard curve was obtained by shla - i standard reagent in serial dilution . the amount of shla - i in the samples was determined : 1
方法:以w6 32包被酶标板,捕捉样品中可溶性hla ,加入一抗2m抗体,再加酶标二抗及底物显色。根据可溶性hla -的不同浓度标准品显色后的od值绘制标准曲线: 1
8.3 . the choosing of optimum evaluating methods of immunobiologic activity : if we disposed sheep blood red cells with neuraminic acid enzyme , the e rosettes forming ratio remarkbly increased ; we improved the conventional method of brdu - elisa assay on lymphocyte proliferation induced by cona . the results showed that lymphocyte proliferation induced by pha was better than by cona . 4
3 、 gpif免疫生物活性评价方法的优化对gpife玫瑰花环实验在不影响srbc活性的基础上用神经氨酸酶处理,经此法处理后e玫瑰花环形成率明显提高;对传统的cona诱导的人外周血淋巴细胞增殖brdu - elisa实验,进行了方法学改进。
9.Cat ( chloramphenical acetyl transferase ) elisa assays to identified the function of constructed plasmid . the result indicates mutant p1p2 , p1p3p2 and p6p2 repressed to cmv promoter . same as ie promoter two special sequences " atcgt " located at two side of the transcription initial site of promoter
共转染hplp细胞,结果表明所有的缺失突变体对cmv启动子都表现抑制活性,我们发现在ie180和p启动子的转录起始位置两侧同时具有两个特征序列( 5 ’ atffit 3 ’ ) 。
10.The expression activity reached the highest point at the 72nd hour in bmn cell ( 22 u / 2x ! 06cells ) and at 144th hour in larvae ( 159 u / ml ) , respectively . elisa assay showed that expression product had angiostatin ' s immunoreactivity . western blotting assay also showed that product expressed in cultured cells was a 36 kd band , while product expressed in larvae of silkworms was two proteins , and the molecular weights were 37 kd and 42 kd , respectively
表达产物活性在家蚕细胞中表达72小时达到最高值,经胞内表达产物作用后,血管内皮细胞的存活率仅为( 28 . 0 3 . 0 ) ,表达量约为22u 2 10 ~ 6个细胞;在家蚕体内表达144小时活性达到最高值,内皮细胞的存活率仅为( 6 . 4 0 . 5 ) ,表达量约159u ml 。
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