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Chinese translation for "fiber absorption"


Related Translations:
fiber:  n. 〔美国〕 = fibre。   detail>>
absorption:  n. 1.吸收,合并。 2.专心,一心不乱,热中 (in ...  detail>>
cosmic absorption:  宇宙吸收  detail>>
extramural absorption:  光纤外部吸收; 外部吸收  detail>>
dust absorption:  吸尘  detail>>
absorption plane:  吸收面  detail>>
tropospheric absorption:  对零吸收  detail>>
mass absorption:  质量吸收  detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.The article studied the quantitative and qualitative impaction of operate - factors on fiber absorption capacity when volatile substance of meat essence was extracted and analysed by applying hs - spme coupled with gc - ms
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