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Chinese translation for "jacket pipe"


Related Translations:
jacket:  n. 1.短上衣,外套。 2.包书纸,护封;公文套;唱片 ...  detail>>
pipe:  n. 1.管,导管,筒。 2.烟斗,烟袋;一袋烟。 3. ...  detail>>
jacketed crystallizer:  夹套结晶器; 套管结晶器  detail>>
riding jacket:  马褂; 骑手短上衣  detail>>
cardigan jacket:  开襟毛衣; 开襟绒线衫; 开襟羊毛衣  detail>>
squash jacket:  扁水套  detail>>
life jackets:  几件救生衣; 救生衣  detail>>
mink jacket:  貂皮袄  detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.Design specification of tracing piping and jacket piping for petrochemical industry
2.Chart has over 75 years of combined mve and cvi experience in vacuum jacketed pipe applications
3.Our service specialists can repair almost any cryogenic equipment on site and install python and vacuum jacketed pipe
4.Concentric jacket pipe surrounded the test condenser . steam was generated in the boiler , flowed upward to the inlet of connection pipes , then flowed downward into the condenser tube , the cooling water flowed countercurrently through the annulus . the experiment covered the range of the pressure 1 . 0 ~ 3 . 0bar , heating power 2 . 0 ~ 15 . 0kw , steam mass flow rate 0 . 001 ~ 0 . 004kg / s , air mass flow rate 0 . 0 ~ 0 . 00163kg / s , and cooling water temperature 20 - 60 ?
在系统压力为0 . 1 0 . 3mpa ,加热功率为2 15kw ,蒸汽质量流量为0 . 001 0 . 004kg s ,空气质量流量为0 . 0 0 . 00163kg s ,二次侧冷却水温度20 60的范围内,系统研究了竖直下降管内含有空气的蒸汽冷凝特性,获得了不同压力、不同空气含量和不同加热功率下,冷凝段的温度分布和局部热流密度的数据。
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