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Chinese translation for "lumber kiln"


Related Translations:
lumber:  vi. 笨重地移动;隆隆地行进。 a lumbering ...  detail>>
kiln:  n. 窑。 vt. 在窑里烧制[烘干]。   detail>>
lumbering:   n. 伐木业。 adj. 1.笨重的。 2.动作迟缓步子沉重的。 3...  detail>>
airplane lumber:  飞机板材; 飞机用材  detail>>
undressed lumber:  毛材  detail>>
seasoned lumber:  风干木材  detail>>
blue lumber:  蓝变材  detail>>
lumber tester:  木材试验机  detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.The article discussed the present situation and open question in the computer control system of steam lumber kilns , put forward the development direction , which the fuzzy control technique was applied into the computer full automatic control system of steam lumber kilns
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