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Chinese translation for "lumber room"


Related Translations:
lumber:  vi. 笨重地移动;隆隆地行进。 a lumbering ...  detail>>
room:  n. 1.室,房间。 2.场所,席位,位置,地位,空间。 ...  detail>>
lumbering:   n. 伐木业。 adj. 1.笨重的。 2.动作迟缓步子沉重的。 3...  detail>>
lumber jacket:  伐木者穿的夹克衫。   detail>>
lumber jack:  1.伐木工人。 2.短夹克衫。   detail>>
roomed:   adj. 有…间房间的。   detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.Connie was sorting out one of the wragby lumber rooms
2.Clifford collected very modern pictures , at very moderate prices . so in the lumber room there were bad sir edwin landseers and pathetic william henry hunt birds nests : and other academy stuff , enough to frighten the daughter of an r . a
3.To find it was the task set him by an imperious and malignant universe , and he wandered through the endless corridors of his mind , opening all manner of lumber rooms and chambers stored with odds and ends of memories and knowledge as he vainly sought the answer
4.Among other monstrosities in this lumber room was a largish blackjapanned box , excellently and ingeniously made some sixty or seventy years ago , and fitted with every imaginable object . on top was a concentrated toilet set : brushes , bottles , mirrors , combs , boxes , even three beautiful little razors in safety sheaths , shaving - bowl and all
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