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Chinese translation for "map measurement"


Related Translations:
map:  n. 1.地图;天体图;图。 2.〔美俚〕脸,面孔。 3 ...  detail>>
measurement:  n. 1.测量,计量,量度。 2.份量,尺寸,大小,宽度 ...  detail>>
measurements:  测量,测量方法,测量结果; 测量值  detail>>
maped:  马培德  detail>>
mapped:  绘制...之地图  detail>>
maping:  马坪  detail>>
mapping:   n. 【数学】映像,映射。   detail>>
mapes:  梅普斯  detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.A brief talk on the application of cass software in mapping measurement
2.The map measurement can be generally applied to real - time display when measuring outdoors
3.In the main window , click the function icon to enter into map measurement state . the toolbars in the left of the screen displays available setting options , select tools to do the corresponding operation
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