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Chinese translation for "mess room"


Related Translations:
mess:  n. 1.(尤指流体的)食品;(给猎狗等吃的)混合饲料。 ...  detail>>
room:  n. 1.室,房间。 2.场所,席位,位置,地位,空间。 ...  detail>>
ulrica messing:  乌尔丽卡梅辛  detail>>
steerage mess:  普通舱餐厅  detail>>
mess gear:  〔美国〕吃饭用具〔刀、叉和匙子〕。   detail>>
messing compartment:  集会室  detail>>
mess with:  会餐; 招惹谁  detail>>
mess meat:  不分等级的腌肉;统货碱肉  detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.There were fights every day in the mess room .
2.Mess room facilities may be either common or separate
3.External bulkheads of sleeping rooms and mess rooms should be adequately insulated
4.The broken plastic tiles in crew ' s cabins , mess room and alleyway to be renewed about 30 sq . m in total
船员餐厅、住房及走廊损坏的塑料地板方块总计30 ?换新。
5.Sleeping rooms , mess rooms , recreation rooms and alleyways in the accommodation space should be adequately insulated to prevent condensation or overheating
6.Where available pantries are not accessible to mess rooms , adequate lockers for mess utensils and proper facilities for washing utensils should be provided
7.On ships other than passenger ships , the floor area of mess rooms for seafarers should be not less than 1 . 5 square metres per person of the planned seating capacity
在客船以外的船舶上,海员餐厅的地板面积应不少于按计划容纳人数每人1 . 5平方米。
8.The bulkhead surfaces and deckheads in sleeping rooms and mess rooms should be capable of being easily kept clean and light in colour with a durable , non - toxic finish
9.In all ships , mess rooms should be equipped with tables and appropriate seats , fixed or movable , sufficient to accommodate the greatest number of seafarers likely to use them at any one time
10.To widen the key passageway at the station concourse which leads to the departure hall , it is proposed to relocate the staff mess room , storerooms and toilets on either side of the corridor
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