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Chinese translation for "nose gear"


Related Translations:
nose:  n. 1.鼻;(动物)鼻口部;吻;嗅觉。 2.香气;气味 ...  detail>>
gear:  n. 1.【机械工程】齿轮,(齿轮)传动装置,齿链;排挡 ...  detail>>
nose gas:  喷嚏性毒气。   detail>>
war nose:  战雷头  detail>>
nose into:  查探  detail>>
nose leg:  前轮起落架  detail>>
running nose:  流鼻水; 流鼻涕  detail>>
bottom nose:  尾端  detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.The nose gear comes up first , then the main gear follows
2.Request immediate assistance , nose gear collapsed at the start of the take - off run
3.Nose gear ( wheel \ leg ) collapsed on landing run , we need ( immediate ) help to evacuate passengers
4.The results of a series of experiments on airplane nose gear rotating arm show that the technology is an effective method
5.Once the the aircraft establishesits slightly nose - up attititude ( + 2 - 5 ) , which is actually the initial t / o attitude , let the student keep it utill the 2 main gears touch down , then slowly ease the nose gear down
建立好机头微微向上的正仰姿态后( 2 - 5度) ,保持不变,直到后轮(主起落架)接地,然后再慢慢松杆,让前轮(前起落架)接地。
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