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Chinese translation for "pitch plane"


Related Translations:
pitch:  vt. 1.扔,投,抛,掷;【棒球】投球。 2.插(桩等 ...  detail>>
plane:  n. 平刨;镘。 a jack plane 粗刨。 vt ...  detail>>
pitch shortening:  绕组节距缩短  detail>>
pitch macadam:  沥青碎石  detail>>
pitch instrument:  俯仰仪  detail>>
pitch nitrate:  硝化沥青  detail>>
innings pitched:  投球的局数  detail>>
pitch contours:  音高升降曲线  detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.When a position gyro is used in the pitch plane the missile is usually launched at a set elevation .
2.To overcome the shortages of the traditional proportional guidance in attacking maneuvering targets , the paper firstly established the relative motion models for the anti - ship missile and the target in three dimensions , then based on the optimal guidance law for aiming at non maneuvering targets and the sliding - mode control theory , the optimal sliding - mode guidance law in three dimensions , which was more easily - accomplished in engineering , was derived by making the pitch plane and yaw plane superposition
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