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Chinese translation for "polling booth"


Related Translations:
poll:  n. 1.〔称呼名〕鹦鹉。 2.〔口语〕= Mary. ...  detail>>
booth:  n. 布斯〔姓氏〕。   detail>>
polls:  民意调查; 投票站; 政治选举  detail>>
polling:  换态过程; 计算机转态过程; 轮流检测; 轮循; 轮询,查询,探询; 探询;...  detail>>
tour guide booth:  导游亭  detail>>
initiate poll:  起动询问  detail>>
software polling:  软件轮询  detail>>
opinion polls:  民意测验  detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.I'm going to the polling booth to cast my vote .
2.Still , the villagers " self - government in henan province engendered its unique systematic creation in the establishment of polling booth , the construction of villagers " soviet system , the formulation of the villagers " self - government constitution and the openness of village affairs
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