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Chinese translation for "railroad rail"


Related Translations:
railroad:  n. 〔美国〕 1.铁路。 ★英国说 railway; ...  detail>>
rail:  vi. 咒骂,责备;抱怨 (against at)。   detail>>
gravity railroad:  重力缆车道; 重力缆道  detail>>
chain railroad:  链索铁道  detail>>
railroad system:  铁路系统  detail>>
railroad embankment:  铁路路堤  detail>>
railroad flak:  铁道高射炮兵  detail>>
railroad turnout:  铁路道岔  detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.At present an important subject is researched on prediction methods of the initiation life of rolling / sliding contact fatigue of surface hardening layer based on shakedown theories under cycle contact loading for the strategies of applications of contact element , such as gears , bearings , and railroad rails
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