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Chinese translation for "running noises"


Related Translations:
running:  adj. 1.跑的,边跑边走的;流动的,流体的;【机械工 ...  detail>>
noise:  n. 1.声音,声响。 2.叫喊;嘈杂声,噪音;喧闹声; ...  detail>>
noises:  噪音  detail>>
running noise:  行驶噪声; 运行噪音; 运转噪音  detail>>
runed:  行星  detail>>
run:   vi. (ran ; run) 1.跑,奔,奔驰;【航空】滑行。 2.赶...  detail>>
runing:  汝宁  detail>>
ran:  run 的过去式。   detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.Acceleration running noise level
2.Is no gear reduction box , it greatly reduces the running noise and vibration of the car
3.The high power eletric motor increases the rotary inertia . after balance adjustment , the mechanical viberation and running noise of the rotary parts are remarkably reduced
4.Due to the complexity of noise prediction calculation , the train running noise was taken as line sound source to predigest the model in fore prediction commonly , by this way , the error of the result and the fact value was relatively great
5.In order to alleviate the problem of railroad noise pollution , this paper studies the wheel - rail noise reducing technology by sticking high damping materials on the two sides of rail according to the characteristics of train running noises after speed increase and wheel - rail noise generating mechanism
6.In this paper the train running noise level has been predicted with the theory of point sound source . the sound exposure level of a train set pass , equivalent continuous sound level and maximum sound level of a train set pass has been taken as estimate values , and some kinds of affixation attenuation on the course of noise propagation is considered , then the corresponding visual software has been developed . these make it convenient and precise to predict the noise level
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