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Chinese translation for "running north and south"


Related Translations:
running:  adj. 1.跑的,边跑边走的;流动的,流体的;【机械工 ...  detail>>
north:  n. 1.〔通常作 the north〕北,北方,北部。 ...  detail>>
and:  短语和例子 dance and delight = de ...  detail>>
south:  n. 1.南;南方。 2.南国居民。 3.〔诗〕南风。 ...  detail>>
north south:  南-北方向; 纵贯  detail>>
north north west:  北北西  detail>>
north sindarin:  北辛达语方言; 北辛方言  detail>>
north reef:  北礁  detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.This mountain range runs north and south down the middle of the ocean
2.In this part of the alps , the valleys run north and south between towering ranges of mountains
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