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Chinese translation for "running number"


Related Translations:
running:  adj. 1.跑的,边跑边走的;流动的,流体的;【机械工 ...  detail>>
number:  n. 1.数;数字;〔pl.〕算术。 2.(汽车等的)号 ...  detail>>
runed:  行星  detail>>
run:   vi. (ran ; run) 1.跑,奔,奔驰;【航空】滑行。 2.赶...  detail>>
runing:  汝宁  detail>>
ran:  run 的过去式。   detail>>
runs:  大量生产  detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.The combine of variable speed and running number of the pump , according to one flow , there are many combined schemes , and their energy consumption is different
2.Going . . . going . . . gone ! roger maris breaks the record for the most home runs in a single season ! on october 1 , 1961 , maris slammed home run number 61
飞得很高很远… .很高很远… .不见了!罗杰马立斯打破单季最多全垒打的纪录!西元1961年10月1日,马立斯打出了第61号全垒打。
3.As compared with a traditional cluster , one that is fully dedicated to run number - crunching programs in a 24 7 operation , the hybrid cluster is mostly useful for extending the nodes of the existing linux cluster
4.With regard to centralized flow regulation , regulating by changing the power has been people ' s common sense and technical current , it mainly includes change the speed of pump and fan , changing their running number and the combine of the two
5.The automatic metering system for 33 - 07 trucks can accurately make automatic metering and recording of mine - used truck hauling data such as run number , load , time etc . under various complicate and deteriorative operational environment conditions so as to realize the automation and computerization of the metering of mine - used truck hauling and meet the requirements of the truck hauling management in open - pit mine operation . as a result , it is of high popularization value
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