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Chinese translation for "straw yellow"


Related Translations:
straw:  n. 1.稻草,麦秆。 2.(用稻草,麦秆做成的)东西, ...  detail>>
yellow:  adj. 1.黄(色)的。 2.皮肤黄的;蒙古[黄色]人 ...  detail>>
straw plait:  草帽缏。   detail>>
straw man:  1.稻草人。 2.无足轻重的人物。 3.(为了制造取胜的假像而假设的)易于击...  detail>>
last straw:  使人不能忍受的最后一击;使人不支而垮下的因素。   detail>>
straw dicer:  〔美国〕麦秸草帽。   detail>>
straw stem:  一种细脚酒杯。   detail>>
straw board:  纸板,马粪纸。   detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.Pale straw yellow color with youthful green hues
2.A light straw yellow wine with attractive green edges
3.Straw yellow crystal
4.Appearance : luminous , brilliant straw yellow . bouquet : intense , fruity , aromatic , with scents of wisteria taste : extremely pleasant , with a lightly nutty finish
5.Feature : the colour has straw yellow reflexes with sweet scents , recalling honey . at the palate the wine conserves a good acidity and an agreeable structure
6.For two hours show almost pure perovskite phase . the ceramic pellets have straw yellow luster at the edge of the ceramic pellets . the mechanic intensity of the ceramic pellets is rather high
经xrd测量,发现经过1100 2h处理的片子几乎为全钙钛矿相,而且机械强度高、陶瓷片边缘有淡黄色光泽、机械强度较高。
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