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Chinese translation for "towards dawn"


Related Translations:
dawn:  n. 1.黎明,拂晓;曙光。 2.开端,发端,端绪,萌芽 ...  detail>>
draw towards:  接近  detail>>
squint towards:  倾向于  detail>>
lean towards:  倾向于  detail>>
look towards:  朝着; 面朝, 为...作准备  detail>>
make towards:  朝…走去  detail>>
towards evening:  快黑的时候  detail>>
walk towards:  朝我走  detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.And so another friday night in man - hattan crept towards dawn
2.This was the battle of the 24th at shevardino . towards dawn pierre approached mozhaisk
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