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Chinese translation for "water is boiling"


Related Translations:
water:  n. 1.水;雨水;露;〔常作 pl. 〕 矿泉,温泉; ...  detail>>
is:  be 的第三人称,单数,现在时,陈述语气。   detail>>
boiling:  adj. 1.沸腾的;汹涌的。 2.激昂的。 adv. ...  detail>>
shoe boil:  鞋疔  detail>>
boiling number:  沸腾数  detail>>
boiled rove:  经煮练的粗纱  detail>>
toe boil:  趾疔  detail>>
boiling curve:  沸点曲线; 沸腾曲线; 蒸馏曲线; 蒸者曲线; 蒸煮曲线  detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.Look , the water is boiling .
2.The water is boiling .
3.The water is boiling , please turn off the fire
4.Use whistling kettle which will give you a signal as a reminder when the water is boiled
5.When people complain about scaling inside their water kettles , this is caused by dissolved calcium and magnesium ions forming calcium and magnesium carbonate deposits when hard water is boiled
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