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Chinese translation for "water jacket"


Related Translations:
water:  n. 1.水;雨水;露;〔常作 pl. 〕 矿泉,温泉; ...  detail>>
jacket:  n. 1.短上衣,外套。 2.包书纸,护封;公文套;唱片 ...  detail>>
jacketing:   n. 1.【机械工程】套。 2.〔口语〕殴打,鞭打。   detail>>
dust jacket:  1.(书的)护封。 2.(家具等的)防尘布套。   detail>>
yellow jacket:  1.(中国清代的)黄马褂。 2.〔美俚〕黄色胡蜂。   detail>>
monkey jacket:  1.(水手穿的)紧身短上衣。 2.〔美俚〕住院病人长睡衣。   detail>>
norfolk jacket:  腰部有带的男用宽上衣。   detail>>
lumber jacket:  伐木者穿的夹克衫。   detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.Around the engine cylinder is a water jacket .
2.Reasons for the leak of coil pipe in water jacket furnace
3.From water jacket intake manifold
4.Water jacketed mcubator
5.A water - cooling system consists of water jacket , water pump , radiator , thermostat , cooling fan , rubber hose , etc
6.The heat generated by the mixture burned in the engine must be transferred from the iron or aluminum cylinder to the water in the water jacket
7.Two completely different schemes for cooling water flow are obtained by changing the diesel engine ' s water flow from the oil condenser to the water jacket of the cylinder block
8.The dry pit submersible pumping units shall be self contained , close coupled pump / motor units designed to operate at continuous full load either submerged or non - submerged without the need for any external cooling devices or water jackets
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