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Chinese translation for "yellow legs"


Related Translations:
yellow:  adj. 1.黄(色)的。 2.皮肤黄的;蒙古[黄色]人 ...  detail>>
leg:  n. 1.腿;(猪、羊等)供食用的腿。 2.(桌椅等的) ...  detail>>
condenser leg:  (pipe) 冷凝器气压管。   detail>>
red legs:  拳参。   detail>>
spindle legs:  腿细长的人。   detail>>
yellow livered:   adj. 〔美国〕胆小的。   detail>>
yellow fever:  【医学】黄热病。   detail>>
yellow jasmine:  【植物;植物学】常绿钩吻〔原产于美国东南部〕。   detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.Boss skua : i woke up , and has this , this thing on me . every flying bird is asking me , hey , what ' s happened to your yellow leg ? it was humiliating
我醒过来之后,就发现了这个。每只飞鸟都问我'嘿,你的黄脚怎么了? '这真是太丢脸了。
2.Adult winter heuglin ' s gull : note dark saddle , head streaking typically restricted to nape and “ collar ” , bright yellow legs ( which usually become a much duller yellow mid - winter ) and old primaries lacking white tips
灰林银鸥成鸟冬羽:注意其鞍部羽色暗灰、头部纵纹一般仅限于后颈及领部、脚鲜黄色(在冬季中期会变得较暗黄色) 、而且初级飞羽旧羽没有白色羽尖。
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