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Chinese translation for "yellow pages"


Related Translations:
yellow:  adj. 1.黄(色)的。 2.皮肤黄的;蒙古[黄色]人 ...  detail>>
page:  vt. 1.【无线电】用无线电讯号与(某人)联系。 2. ...  detail>>
home page:  【计算机】主页。   detail>>
title page:  书名页,扉页,内封面。   detail>>
book page:  1.书页。 2.(报纸等的)书评专页。   detail>>
web page:  【计算机】网页。   detail>>
yellow livered:   adj. 〔美国〕胆小的。   detail>>
yellow fever:  【医学】黄热病。   detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.I think you ' ll find it in the yellow pages
2.United states white and yellow page listings
3.They keep their yellow pages tomes nearby
4.I found his name in the yellow pages
5.Jobs classified , courier service tracking and yellow pages
6.Why am i not able to search in online yellow pages
7.Jobs classified , courier service tracking and yellow pages
8.Big and yellow pages of c . .
中国医药大黄页全国医药系. .
9.Yellow pages and hong kong map
10.Languages cultures yellow page
语言和文化yellow page
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