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French translation for "a few of"

certains d'entre-

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Example Sentences:
1.I shall briefly mention a few of them.
J'en citerai rapidement quelques-unes.
2.Let me underline a few of them.
Permettez-moi d’en souligner quelques-uns.
3.I would like to mention a few of these.
Je voudrais en présenter quelques-uns.
4.Perhaps i may be allowed to mention a few of them.
J'en mentionnerai plusieurs.
5.I shall comment on just a few of them.
Je n’en citerai que quelques-unes.
6.Let me mention a few of them.
Permettez-moi d’en mentionner quelques-uns.
7.Allow me to comment on a few of them.
Permettez-moi d'en commenter quelques-uns.
8.I only intend to refer to a few of these.
Je n'en mentionnerai que quelques uns.
9.I would like to list a few of these initiatives.
J' en cite quelques-unes.
10.Let me just run through a few of these.
Je voudrais en citer quelques-uns.
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