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English translation for "a priori"

n. apriorism, apriority

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Example Sentences:
1.Cela vaut a priori pour la pesc.
This applies first and foremost to the cfsp.
2.Mais il n'y a a priori aucune hiérarchie des normes.
But there is no a priori hierarchy of norms.
3.Et ce , tant a priori qu'a posteriori.
All of that should be true both a priori and a posteriori .
4.Ce point semble a priori très technique.
On the face of it , this looks like a very technical issue.
5.Très difficile , probablement et a priori quasi impossible.
Very difficult , a priori probably almost impossible.
6.Il y a des a priori qui sont extrêmement ancrés.
There are some very deep-rooted a priori concerns in the country.
7.Ou alors on a des a priori , ce qui n'est pas mon cas.
Otherwise that means one has preconceived ideas , and i do not.
8.Voilà un a priori idéologique auquel je veux faire un sort.
This is one ideological prejudice that i would like to get rid of.
9.Mais nous ne pouvons pas , a priori , simplement interdire les importations de moût étranger.
But we cannot simply ban imports of must.
10.On ne peut traiter tous les citoyens a priori comme des terroristes.
We cannot automatically treat citizens as if they were all terrorists.
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