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English translation for "一一对应关系"

one-to-one relationship

Related Translations:
一一对应:  one to one correspondence  detail>>
关系:  relation; filiation; relatio ...  detail>>
一一映射:  injective function; one to one mapping...  detail>>
三九一一:  phorate; rampart  detail>>
一一告别:  say good bye to everyone  detail>>
一一就座:  seat themselves one after another  detail>>
一一申辩:  justify oneself point by point  detail>>
一一关系:  one to one relation  detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.It is legitimate to envisage a more or less one-to-one correspondence between cloud nucleus concentration and the concentration of cloud droplets .
2.The curvature is the second order derivative of displacement . also , it has a liner relationship with stain
3.Because native data types and xsd data types do not share a one - to - one mapping , information or precision can be lost during the translation
4.It is worth exploring whether an exactly corresponding relation exists between reporter and editor ' s cognition map and the audience ' s image insisted by liepmann
5.The approach of fault dictionary often needs to simulate all fault states and extracts corresponding character of circuit , then setup the dictionary by corresponding relation
6.For maximum nongaussianity estimation , uniqueness means that there is a one - to - one correspondence between local maxima of nongaussianity and independent sources . different from the former works , e . g . ,
7.At last , the application of mechano - electric effect on smart concrete structures is discussed . the following conclusions can be obtained : ( 1 ) the stress induced electrical current increases with stress increasing , and decreases with stress decreasing
取得了如下成果: ( 1 )揭示了碳纤维混凝土和素混凝土所受载荷和由此产生的电流强度之间的一一对应关系
8.Conventional optical phase retarders are mostly designed by birefringent material . the refractive indices depend on the wavelength so strongly that the retardation is close to wavelength , here we call this dependent relationship the birefringent dispersion of material . this is the reason why conventional optical phase retarders are mostly applied to a single wavelength but ca n ' t be used to varied wavelength , so they are inconvenient to handle
常规的光相位延迟器是由双折射材料制成的,由于材料的双折射率同波长密切相关,使其产生的相位延迟量也同波长具有严格的一一对应关系(即材料的色散现象) ,因而常规相位延迟片多用于单一波长,不同波长之间使用不可兼顾,这在使用中带来诸多的不便。
9.This thesis mainly discusses four aspects : the first , the relationships of a polysemic inscription , an inscription writing several words and sememes ; the second , a word written by several inscriptions and its sememe , or sememes ; the third , homographic inscriptions , heterograph , cognate graph ; the forth , the corresponding relationships between oracle - bone inscriptions , words and sememes concerned with identity of words
10.The errors ofcalculating lateral displacement , peak displacement and internal force among thethree methods are compared subsequently . at the same time , the validation of theextent of stability coefficient is also done . finally , many examples ( including threemulti - story and high - rise steel frame structures in real - life ) forming through changingsome parameters which affecting stability coefficient are analyzed
最后通过改变影响稳定系数的各个因素,在大范围内构造了大量的钢框架算例(包括三个实际工程中的多高层钢框架算例) ,得到这些算例中稳定系数与三种方法间计算层间侧移时误差的一一对应关系,通过统计这些稳定系数与误差间的相互关系,对稳定系数的合理区间进行了讨论。
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