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Chinese translation for "abecedarian"

Example Sentences:
1.Abecedarian , can divide a pace
2.Flute abecedarian , teacher is needed , like psychology , philosophy and mathematics
3.Realized abecedarian industrialization through considering to develop and introduce a technology independently
4.Abecedarian discussion on the combined system between worker ' s congress and trade union in the state - owned holding company
5.Excuse me each ace , what does the foundation that builds a bank have ? what fund has very big development perspective , help , i am abecedarian
6.Although current global level is an abecedarian only , but it already promoted network tv development to what internet develops is downstage , promote likely " next generation networks " rapid development
7.To build the career guidance of engine model is a abecedarian try in innovating career guidance of high institutes , however , we hope such discuss can arouse more attention on career guidance and in - depth research on it
8.Want to treat specific condition , belong to like the circumstance solid , have abecedarian evidence , can investigate a branch to inform against to economy of public security mechanism , investigate by them , sue , can ask in lawsuit capital of pay compensation for what one has unlawfully taken
9.Under the incentive of the civil - market demanding such as laser material processing and the military - market demanding such as a new generation of laser weapon candidate and icf , diode - pumped solid laser ( dpsl ) develops rapidly worldwide . as an important application , diode - pumped intracavity - frequency - doubled laser is attached much importance in recent years , but there still remain many problems unresolved completely . in this paper , i have given some abecedarian study results on some of these problems theoretically and experimentally
因工业激光材料加工等民用市场的需求以及惯性约束聚变和作为新一代激光武器候选器件等军方需求的推动,国际上高功率二极管泵浦固体激光器( dpsl )的研究进展迅速,作为dpsl的一个重要应用,内腔倍频一直得到大家的重视,但仍有许多未彻底解决的问题和理论上的不完备之处,本论文拟对其中的一些问题作一初步的理论和实验研究。
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