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Chinese translation for "aberrance"

Example Sentences:
1.Addiction to the network games leads to youth ' s aberrance
2.On moral aberrance and moral construction in social transition of china
3.Cause perspective to the aberrance by the quasi - graduate before the eve of his graduation
4.Floral aberrance of cbf1 transgenic tobacco and analysis of its flanking sequences
5.True meaning of mental arithmetic and its aberrance in the mathematics teaching of elementary school
6.The dielectric constants of pt / tb films were influenced by the lattice aberrance and crystal content
Pt tb薄膜的介电常数受薄膜中钙钛矿相晶格的畸变和晶体含量的共同作用。
7.Have proposed that checking and investigating is the core that early find aberrance , must offer the abundant concern
8.The dielectric constants were relatively high either lattice aberrance was tiny or crystal content was large
9.Simulations of gain and aberrance are done to study the amplification of pulse signal with a frequency of 0 . 25mhz
对频率为0 . 25mhz的脉冲信号放大进行了仿真,分析了其增益和脉冲畸变随放大参量的变化情况。
10.Tb substitution of pb induces lattice aberrance . this not only lowers the crystallization ability , butalowers the tetragonality of the powders as well
研究发现pt / tb体系中出现了显著的tb离子特征荧光和pb离子的荧光现象。
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