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Chinese translation for "jackdaw"

1.【动物;动物学】穴鸟,寒鸦 (Corvus monedula) 〔产于欧洲的一种类似乌鸦的黑鸟〕。
2.=grackle. jackdaw in peacock's feathers 乌鸦披着孔雀毛;鸦学彩凤。
Example Sentences:
1.O lord ! why , one can see the jackdaws
2.Jackdaws gambol water chaozhou zheng pieces
3.An immense flock of jackdaws rose above the walls and swept round in the air with loud caws , and the whir of thousands of wings
4.She was muddled and mischievous as a chimney - jackdaw , she made her nest of rags and jewels , was happy in the sunlight , squawked loudly at danger , pried and was insatiably curious , forgot when to eat or ate all day , and sang when sunsets were red
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